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Social Media

Social platforms are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to talent attraction and employee communications. The trick to using them successfully is managing them effectively. This means creating compelling content for the right channels and audience. It means developing and maintaining a content calendar and keeping an open dialogue with your users.

If you’re not using social channels effectively, your target audience will go ahead and create those conversations in your absence. That’s why one of our key services is setting up social channels and managing them on an on-going basis for employers.

Our off-the-shelf products in this area include:

Developing An Annual Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Audit

Social Media Recruitment Marketing Training Workshop

Recruitment Marketing & Employer Brand

Whether it’s talent attraction, experienced hire, or graduate and early careers, we have the experience to reach exactly the right people. We know the industry inside out which is why we get such strong results for our clients. We plan, create and execute campaigns that are always highly relevant to your business, always tightly targeted on your audience.

And we create employer brands that really mean something. Brands that are authentic and based on the reality of what it’s actually like to work at your organisation. We ensure employer brands are activated well too – we ensure there’s a strong thread that runs through everything from Mission, Vision and Values and your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) through to candidate and employee experience, internal communications and diversity strategies.

Our off-the-shelf products in this area include:

Brand Awareness & Messaging Audit

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Lite

Employer Brand Activation & Implementation

Employer Brand Toolkit & Advertising Guidelines

Social Mobility Strategies

Media Strategy & Analytics

Media planning and buying is one of the cornerstones of what we do at White Label. And these days effective media strategy needs a deep understanding of analytics.

Strong relationships with leading media organisations mean we can get you exactly where you need to be. Combine this with our own extensive knowledge of how the market operates, and you get insightful advice on the very best strategies to implement. This intelligence will enhance your brand, while our strong campaign management approach makes sure you hit your hiring targets.

Media planning and buying is a fast moving industry, so we seek out disruptive players who are reshaping traditional ideas and getting amazing results. We can offer advanced support to your direct sourcing teams too. It’s a world we know very well, so you can bring us on board as team partners to help manage your media in-house effectively.

Our off-the-shelf products in this area include:

Analytics & Optimisation Reports

Free Media Channel Health Check

In-depth Digital Media Audit

Media Planning Workshops

Digital Marketing

Digital strategy is at the core of modern communications, so we make sure we’re just as sharp online as we are with the more traditional approaches to marketing.

Whether you need compelling content, expert search engine marketing and SEO, or a careers website that leaps off the screen, we can help.

But of course we certainly don’t think traditional is old hat. The trick is to know what’s right for your audience, because while the world has gone digital, we’re all still human.

Our off-the-shelf products in this area include:

Candidate Journey Review

Careers Site User Experience Review

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