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Data is everywhere.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), more than 59 trillion gigabytes of data were created, captured, copied and consumed in 2020 (up 5,000% since 2010). And as the amount of data grows, so too do the opportunities for you to use it to gain competitive advantage – including in your digital recruitment advertising.

Using and analysing data effectively can help you better understand the behaviours of your target candidate groups. You can track candidate journeys all the way from viewing an ad through to applying for a position. If your advertising is tagged correctly, you can even see what journey the user makes, whether it follows a straight path or veers off in different directions.

It can be used to improve processes, reduce costs and ensure you reach the right candidates for the best return on investment. It enables you to make more accurate predictions and hiring decisions and ensures your business is making evidence-based marketing decisions.

But data can also be overwhelming – and the more data that is made available, the more overwhelming it threatens to become.

But there are now tools to help which are especially useful to those people who don’t consider themselves data analysts.

How the world visualises data is set to change, with data stories becoming the most popular method by 2025 (according to Gartner).  So what does this mean? Essentially it is a way of analysing and presenting data in an easy to understand format.

At White Label, we mainly create interactive dashboards using Tableau – a data visualisation tool that enables us to tell a real story. This is particularly useful when speaking to clients who are unused to using data or who need to communicate the results internally to their stakeholders.

The data stories we create show the arc of a campaign and the impact changes implemented throughout the campaign have on results.

The clients we introduce it to love it. And we love it because it enables us to make the right optimization decisions and prepare budgets and plans based on real results.

Want to know more? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide a demo.

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