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Media planning and buying is one of the cornerstones of what we do at White Label.

Sourcing channels are currently going through a seismic shift which is invoking a change to recruitment marketing strategies. With the introduction of several new cost methods and real time budget management, it’s never been more important to understand what options are currently available across the media landscape.
We’ve recently been talking to clients about this shift and particularly about how pay per performance channels can be better utilised to provide employers with benefits such as;

• Greater transparency: making value visible by only paying for what is used
• Increased flexibility / limited wastage: activity can be turned off and on as required
• Improved ROI: these channels are often supported by machine learning with campaigns benefiting from both manual and automatic optimisations. Spend and targeting can be adjusted in real-time and unspent budget can be recouped and carried over to new campaigns.

With pay per performance media, there needs to be the ability to monitor and track responses through campaign analytics in order to continually optimise towards the best results. It is these capabilities that continue to vary considerably depending on the organisation. However, rather than being a barrier, we can demonstrate how even the simplest metrics offer valuable insights and can be utilised to improve performance and budget decisions.

The first step in embracing this new media landscape is to audit current channels using whatever data is available while also asking the simple question of ‘why?’.

White Label provides organisations with several solutions in this area: firstly, our free ‘Media channel health check’, a mini audit that determines whether the right channels are being used to meet objectives and how ROI compares to the rest of the market. Secondly, our ‘In-depth digital media audit’ which provides clients with a full and detailed overview of how to improve digital marketing and media contracts as well as how to measure performance more effectively and ensure all inventory is used. This also comes with alternative strategies, attraction models and guidance on how to plan and implement these.

Our expertise is enabling recruiters to measure and optimise their campaigns like never before meaning that every penny of budget can be accounted for. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact

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