Employer Brand Activation & Implementation

How can this product help you? ​

The external activation phase of your employer brand is just as important as the development and launch phases. Yet too often in our experience not enough time is spent on planning this stage. We can help you develop and implement a strategy to ensure your new or refreshed employer brand reaches your core target audiences.

We know how to plan and implement campaigns through a range of internal and external communication channels while making the most of your budget. We can help you raise the profile of your employer brand and reach even the most niche of audiences. 

What will you get? ​

You’ll get a fully costed external and/or internal strategy that ensures your employer brand and core messages are implemented and communicated consistently to the right talent to support your hiring plans. All aspects of activation will be highly measurable meaning strategies can be optimised and return on investment monitored. We can also take responsibility for the tactical implementation if required. 

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