Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Lite

How can this product help you?

Without a defined EVP are you worried that your recruitment communications lack consistency? Do potential hires understand your proposition as an employer? Our EVP Lite can help you to identify and define your people promise, which can then be used to create a suite of authentic messages to aid recruitment.

What we will do

We will seek to understand what your proposition as an employer is. We will conduct up to four tele depth interviews with a mix of employees, to validate and understand the internal audience and business needs. We don’t over-engineer, but obtain the right amount of specific business, country, role insights to shape the message and what is most important.

What you will get

We will develop a messaging framework, which is the articulation of your promise to existing and potential employees. This can then be used by internal teams and external agencies to ensure appropriate messages are used in all recruitment communications.