Career Site User Experience Review

How can this product help you? ​

Are you concerned that your careers site may be hindering your ability to recruit great talent? Do you feel as though it could be more aligned with your mission and values, and do a better job of reflecting your employer brand? This review will demonstrate the candidate journey and user experience on your site, identifying the positive and negative aspects of the experience.

 We can provide answers to all your most pressing questions. Are the right candidates able to find your careers site and vacancies? Can they learn more about your people and culture? How easy is it for them to apply? What does the experience feel like across different devices? Is there anything in the user experience that may be causing frustration? 

What will you get? ​

You’ll get a full UX review of your current site with recommendations on technical improvements as well as suggestions on content that could be incorporated to better tell the employer brand story. Where possible the review will be supported by data gathered from the website’s analytics. 

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