Candidate Journey Review

How can this product help you? ​

Can candidates find what they need and make an informed decision about your organisation? Or does the journey hinder your ability to recruit great talent? Could you be more aligned with your mission and values, and do a better job of reflecting your employer brand? This review will give you a clearer picture of your process, identifying the positive and negative aspects of the candidate experience at every touchpoint.

We can provide answers to all your most pressing questions. Are the right candidates able to find your jobs online? How easy is it for them to apply? What does the experience feel like across different devices? Is there anything in the process that may be causing frustration? Are candidates being made to jump through too many hoops? 

What will you get? ​

You’ll get a rating for each stage of the candidate journey and detailed information on the areas that need improvement and how much you can achieve within your timeframe and budget. We also recommend ideal partners, tools and technology, and can advise you on how to make a compelling case for business investment. 

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