Analytics & Optimisation Reports

How can this product help you? ​

Do you manage your own media in-house but need support getting to grips with the wide variety of data that it creates? Our Analytics & Optimisation Reporting service ensures that all your analytics and data can be used to support on-going messaging and media buying decisions. From CPCs, to CPAs through to applications and hires, we help organisations choose strategies based on real evidence.

What will you get?

We will provide regular reports bringing together data from various sources to show the analysis of media channels, social channels and owned channels. Our analytics expertise together with our knowledge of recruitment and media mean that you can use the reports to confidently make decisions about your advertising channels. 

Reporting will include, where applicable, measurement and analytics at the end of each paid promotion while each monthly report will include a thorough analysis of the success of each channel and recommendations for ongoing improvements / adjustments. 

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