Being labelled a ‘trusted advisor’ is the best compliment we can hear.

Being labelled a ‘trusted advisor’ is the best compliment we can hear. It’s easy to say and it’s much used. But what does it really mean?
It was a topic we spoke about recently at The Forum for Inhouse Recruiters (The FIRM) Autumn London Conference.
We chose this topic having seen great ideas shared with the FIRM’s members, who we’ve consistently heard say that being inhouse often means they struggle to find the bandwidth amongst their hiring objectives to implement many of the great new ideas.

We wanted to address this for a whole host of reasons, knowing that having spent so long doing it themselves, that employers and in-house teams can be reluctant to engage with recruitment marketing agencies, particularly if they are working to the clear objective of being self-sufficient.

We opened the discussion by talking widely about our industry, providing a potted history of the past 25 years. Starting from when recruitment advertising agencies were writing and designing adverts for newspapers and magazines. Moving through the changes bought about with the boom of the internet, the growth of LinkedIn, the advent of in-house recruitment, and the shift from print to digital. To 2018 – an ever-increasing complex landscape, where in today’s world, a multi-agency approach can be the best solution for some employers.

We explained why at White Label, we couldn’t be happier than when we’re referred to by our clients as their ‘trusted advisors’.. because we believe in good old-fashioned client service. As one of our clients recently told us, “you add value with your wider market knowledge, you work at the relationship and make it enjoyable.”

The reason? We’ve built our business on our mission of being Collectively Successful – not here to make ourselves famous but to meet our clients’ objectives and make them look good. If we all get a bit famous along the way, then that’s an added bonus. We talked about how we charge for our services but how we also know that every penny spent must secure a return on investment.
To us being a trusted advisor means that our clients have subject matter experts with the expertise, experience and knowledge and who possess disciplined and professional behaviours to care deeply about the results that we promise.

The result? The type of client that we’re working with has shifted – we’re working with more and more in-house resourcing functions. They love our range of off-the-shelf products which are designed to address the issues they’re most commonly asking for help with. And realising that having a specialist agency to support them with these issues, whilst maintaining their ambition to remain self-sufficient, is building on our reputation as a trusted advisor.

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