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Great relationships with the media are vital to an agency

Working together we all want the best outcome for the client, and getting to know your contact and taking the time to invest a bit of effort goes a long way – for them, for you and ultimately the client.

At White Label we find that treating people how you would wish to be treated is a much better strategy than being a demanding diva! Sure if you shout the loudest you’ll get noticed – but for the wrong reasons. Remember to say thanks when you receive responses to questions, quotes and info, it’s just polite! Things are rarely as simple as we think, requests, proposals, they all take time to put together. So when you get a quote that’s been turned around in super quick time, especially at short notice, it’s good to acknowledge and appreciate the work involved. Of course, ultimately the media will be hoping that the proposal will come off and they’ll hit their targets – which brings me onto………..

Call them back. They won’t go away! They are very persistent! We’re all quick enough to get in contact when we want something, so be honest, if the client has gone elsewhere or the proposal has fizzled out they’d rather know. A short update is always appreciated.

When implementing campaigns, respect the deadlines, be realistic about what needs to be achieved, by all parties, for a successful campaign launch. The deadlines are there to ensure there is enough time for everyone to get their part of the process right. Don’t get a rep as the one that’s constantly asking to push for more time, it says more about your lack of organisational skills, than the deadlines! So, when you do need an extension, the media will pull out the stops, because used conservatively the answer is nearly always yes!

Don’t make everything urgent. Sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball and a client wants a plan yesterday! Then it is genuinely urgent. Again, used conservatively this will have a much greater effect. If everything is urgent – then nothing is urgent!

When under pressure or if things don’t go quite to plan, your media contact can be your greatest ally. Because with the best will in the world, sometimes a campaign might not land as successfully as the promise. If that happens, in our experience having a strong relationship means a better outcome for all, as they go that extra mile, working with you to improve the results.

In short, be respectful, be natural and be smart. With thought it’s not hard!

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